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A collection of wonderful pictures of funny cats.

Cat at the Vet Clinic

A man runs into the vet clinic with his dog. The doctor says 'What seems to be the problem?' The man, frantic, says, 'Well, he just isn't acting right, Doc. Can you do something for him?' At this point, a cat comes sauntering into the room. The cat walks in a circle around the dog, checking him out. 'Oh, don't mind him, that's my cat', says the doctor. 'Anyway, your dog seems to be okay now. Take these pills and give them to him once a day. Call if you have any more problems.'

Well, the dog recovered nicely. A few days later, the man receives the vet's bill in the mail. $10.00 for medicine, $450.00 for lab tests.

The man rushes to the phone-calls the doctor.

'Doctor! This bill! I'm sure you didn't run any lab tests! I don't understand! What's the $450.00 for??'

The doctor replies, 'Oh, sure, that's for the cat scan.'

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