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Fabulous facts about cats and kittens.

Funny & Interesting Cat Facts - 11

Cat scratch disease, a benign but sometimes painful disease of short duration, is caused by a bacillus. Despite its name, the disease can be transmitted by many kinds of scratches besides those of cats.

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If a male cat is both orange and black it is ( besides being extremely rare ) sterile. To have both the orange and the black coat colors, the male cat must have all or part of both female X chromosomes. This unusual sex chromosome combination will render the male cat sterile.

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Male cats used to be called 'rams' or 'boars', however in 1760, an anonymous author wrote a book entitled 'The Life & Adventures of a Cat' in which the central character was a male called Tom the Cat. This book was hugely popular & the name tom cat quickly replaced 'ram' or 'boar'.

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The Maine Coon is the only native American long haired breed.

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Cats can get bored. They show their boredom by excessive licking, chewing, or biting.

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