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Fabulous facts about cats and kittens.

Cat and Kitten Facts for Kids - 30

The Middle Ages were truly the Dark Ages for cats. Condemned as symbols of paganism, witches' familiars, and agents of Satan, cats were persecuted and nearly wiped out by the fifteenth century.

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In general, cats live longer than most dogs. An average life span might be 12 to 14 years. Some cats are reaching 20 or more. A cat's longevity depends on feeding, genetics, environment, veterinary care and some other factors. It is also important whether or not the cat lives indoors or is allowed outdoors (outdoor cats live an average of eight years). The general consensus is that at about age seven the cat can be considered as 'middle-aged', and at age 10 and beyond - old.

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A cat in a hurry can sprint at about thirty-one miles per hour.

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Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours per day. When cats are asleep, they are still alert to incoming stimuli. If you poke the tail of a sleeping cat, it will respond accordingly.

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The extermination of cats undoubtedly helped rats spread the murderous Black Death, the plague that killed 25 million Europeans, one-fourth of the population between 1347 and 1351.

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