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Fabulous facts about cats and kittens.

Funny Cat and Kitten Facts - 45

The phrase 'raining cats and dogs' originated in 17th Century England. During heavy downpours of rain, many of these poor animals unfortunately drowned and their bodies would be seen floating in the rain torrents that raced through the streets. The situation gave the appearance that it had literally rained 'cats and dogs' and led to the current expression.

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More than 30 percent of American households have a cat as part of the family

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Winston Churchill, adored cats. Churchill used to refer to his cat, 'Jock', as his special assistant. 'Jock' was reported to be on the bed with his master on the day the great British statesman died.

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Cats hate the scent of orange and lemon, use these to stop cats scratching furniture and of course provide a cat scratcher.

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The Ancient Egyptian word for cat was mau, which means 'to see'.

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